I have never really thought of myself as a philanthropist, per se. I’m definitely one to lend a hand. If my friend is in need, then I try to be a friend indeed. With that said, when I ran into the powers at the CHIME IN (The Change is Me, International), I couldn’t help but do more than just dip my toe into the water, I did a cannonball! My first trip to Guatemala taught me more than I can express. I learned that living without does not mean existing in total despair. I learned that I have wealth that I never even realized. I learned that with very little effort on my own part, I could help a lot.

So with this knowledge, I have continued to be involved with CHIME IN (I’m the COO) and go to Guatemala or Columbia or wherever there is need of shelter, water or education. I have the opportunity to give of my services and to learn, grow and love with these beautiful people of the world. Those who are less fortunate have opened my eyes and I will continue to do this work for as long as I can get on a plane and take off!

Colombia in San Augustin: