They don’t even call me Gammy anymore. The boys call me Nenna. With that said, I think we all know they could call me fruit loop, and I’d be on board! These are just a few of our moments together where we talk about life… Enjoy!

Nenna and the boys #gammysermon
Living in the now #gammysermon
Cracker, anyone? Let’s not jump to conclusions
#GammySermon with the boys and their toys
Today’s #GammySermon is about doubles. Happy Monday, my peeps!
A little #gammysermon when figuring out how to fix things in need of repair.
Who doesn’t like a little eyeball rub from time to time?
Wishing all my peeps, butterflies, happiness & love just the way you are. #GammySermon
Just spending some time with the boys, eating blueberries , talking about life. #GammySermon
I compromised and did a very short #GammySermon
Maybe no #gammysermon today.
Today’s product review and a #GammySermon