Do you ever read the about me portion of a website and the person claims to be an inventor, shredded cheese authority, philosopher and a moonshiner? At the very moment that you take ALL of that in, let’s face it, there are doubts. How can one person be such an “expert”? How can one have all of those skills? How can this person be considered a pro at anything? Take this into consideration though, maybe that person has had to develop A LOT of their skill sets in order to survive. I mean, hey, moonshine could come in handy every now and then. What a lead in to tell you that ultimately, this is what I am … a survivor.

I could write about my on camera experience, my activity and long membership in SAG-AFTRA (I was with them when they weren’t joined), my voice over expertise and of course my trade show talent that can make an entire audience learn something in 5 minutes BUT if all things are equal, what you will like most about working with me is that I’m a pleasure to have on set. I will not be a pain in the neck or your tookus, or any other body part for that matter. If you call me in for an audition, I am prepared, I am relaxed. I am confident and my goal is to bring that character to life as authentically as possible. If after that, you hire me and I wouldn’t blame you if you did, then I bring that same attitude to the set and my goal is to collaborate and create the magic that is film making or commercial recording or or or … whatever the job might be.

I consider it all a sport. To perform my character and have the director try to convey what he is hearing in his own head and then to deliver it seamlessly, that is a touchdown. That’s the goal. That’s the basket. Pardon my Sporty Spice analogies but I aim for that every time and as you will read in my recommendations, I find success.

By the way, you will see references to my project, A to Z with Meryl and Me all over this website and the internet. It was one of the grandest endeavors I’ve ever attempted.

My dedication and my resilience is written all over that project. Take time to watch it, read about it and experience my Love Project. You probably will learn more about me there than anywhere.

When I say I look forward to working with you that’s not just lip service. I love what I do. I love that no two days are the same. Whether I’m going back to one on a film set, smiling for a print job, reading 16 pages of a voice over, or on stage I love my job and every bit of the process. I can even sit and wait patiently and so I shall, wait patiently for your next call to hire me, Nancy T.

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Cleveland Franchised Agent
Docherty, Inc.
2044 Euclid Avenue Ste. 500
Cleveland, OH 44115
Joan Scholz
Detroit Franchised Agents
The I Group, LLC
29540 Southfield Rd. Ste 200
Southfield, MI 48076
Tony DiMambro
Productions Plus – The Talent Shop
30600 Telegraph Rd. Ste 2156
Bingham Farms, MI 48025
Olga Devshenko
Pittsburgh Franchised Agent
109 Market St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
412-765- 0403
Debra Docherty

Her long list of clients includes: Moen, Icy/hot, American Greetings, JoAnn Fabrics, Philips Medical, United Way, and Alside Windows. She can be seen on a box, banner, package and in the pages of a magazine. She’s everywhere you want her to be.
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