When I scheduled an appointment with Nancy, I wasn’t familiar with the emotion code modality. Nancy astonished me with her expertise in getting into the ‘stuck places’ – emotions that I had struggled with in the past that had never fully been released. With compassion and kindness, and without judgment, Nancy guided me through letting go of emotions that no longer served me. Thank you Nancy for your patience and beautiful healing energy.

~ Joan G.

Between the elegance of the system of the Emotion Code (about which I knew nothing) and the grace, kindness, warmth and wisdom of Nancy T. – that was one of the most fun, fascinating, energetically healing sessions I’ve ever had. It was such a lovely relief to be effortlessly dancing with Nancy’s deeply sweet, completely encouraging personality via this really cool mind-body system and my emotional challenges all the while feeling that somehow, on some subconscious level, further psychic house-cleaning was being done.

~ XX love and thanks, Suzie P.

As 67 year old “Baby Boomers” my wife and I have had opportunities to explore various metaphysical healing modalities over the years. First off, Nancy has a warm, charming presence that immediately creates a rapport with a client. It makes a potentially challenging process easy, even when exploring deeper, darker aspects of emotionally charged personal issues. She has a professional approach that tactfully cuts to the core of long-held blocks in our consciousness. In addition, her intuitive skills are off the charts. Despite never having met us, she pulled up material that I have only experienced with top notch psychics.

At the close of our sessions on 10/25/20 my wife and I each felt emotionally lighter and warmly energized in the core of our body. We feel that some locked up negative issues were released. For the past few days we have been processing various emotional material related to our time spent with Nancy. Nothing was traumatic, but certainly worthwhile to contemplate and to release these blockages.

This note was unsolicited. As business owners of 2 successful businesses, we can recognize excellence in people. We are grateful for Nancy”s time and the quality of this healing modality.

~ Cordially, Bruce and Pam B.

I have been working with Nancy since the fall of 2020 and in every single session, I’m blown away. For example, I had some niggly relationship hang-ups and couldn’t figure out where or when they started and why they were plaguing me. It finally occurred to me that it was related to my past lives (I had a past-life regression done when I was in my 30s and I’m now in my 60s), so I asked Nancy if the Emotion/Body Code could address them from a past-life perspective. She said yes, and we had the most amazing session. Because we have been working together for so long, her intuition immediately knows exactly what to do. I was shocked at the depth of this session – it blew my mind. The following week, I couldn’t even remember what the issues (that had plagued me for so many years) were! All traces of them were gone and I was free of them! I make a list of things (physical, emotional, whatever) to clear for our every-other-week sessions, Nancy clears them, and they are greatly diminished, if not gone! Plus, Nancy is one of the most upbeat, sincere people I know, so the sessions are a blast! Give it a try – you won’t regret it!

~ Nancy L.

My lower back pain was so acute (nothing cute about it) I could barely move until Nancy T performed distance Reiki on it and before I knew it, the pain was gone, and instantly replaced by a warm feeling of honey mixed with hugs. After working with Nancy T via emotion code, my heart felt unblocked and light for the first time in a long time. She is truly skilled, deeply intuitive and extraordinarily compassionate. She was born to do this. Anyone who wants to live a life with more freedom, peace, and aliveness, Nancy’s your girl. I could immediately feel the difference in all the pain points in my body directly following my Body Code session with Nancy. She’s incredibly skilled at understanding the way the mind, body, heart, and spirit connection all works together to create balance, harmony, and dare I say, Joy! I can’t recommend her enough.

~ Kelly Sullivan Walden – Bestselling Author and Dream Expert

I’ve never met a healer that makes releasing emotions so fun and entertaining ! Nancy has the ability to get to the energetic and emotional root cause of your imbalance and easily release it! After our sessions, I feel lighter and sleep better every time! As well as being skilled in her healing and intuitive abilities, Nancy is pure joy! You will be blessed up, healed and sealed with a smile!

~ Firestar – Bodyworker, Clairvoyant, Spiritual Mentor

I was amazed and surprised how quickly Nancy was able to cut through the surface and dive right into the nitty gritty issues that had been lingering in my emotional realm for some time. She especially helped me with moving some displaced guilt that was tearing me up inside. I feel much lighter surrounding the topics we worked on and am grateful for aide during a difficult time.

~ Alison S.