Types of Sessions

All sessions with Nancy T are remote during the pandemic. The prices below reflect virtual sessions.

Chakra check & alignment: Chakras, put simply, are centers of energy in your body. When I work with your chakras, I strive to balance them or, more importantly, check that they are aligned with a vibration that will serve your highest good. There is a school of thought that says all chakras should be the same size and rotating or vibrating the same, however there are times in your life where you may need more oomph in one area of your life as the others support that one issue. Therefore, I will always check to see that your chakras are vibrating as they should for YOU at this moment. For this session, I look at the 7 main chakras and talk to you about each one as we address it and move to the next. I use a pendulum, and it can be done virtually or in person. $30.00 – Please pay with cash or venmo app: @Nancy-Telzerow

Chakra and Reiki session: When moving energy during a Reiki Session it can be easier if the Chakras are aligned rotating at the rate which is most suitable for you. In that event, when you just feel you’re “off” for some reason, it’s best to work on the Chakras and then do Reiki.

$55.00 Please pay with cash or venmo app: @Nancy-Telzerow

Reiki Session: a remote session includes a centering prayer, chakra treatment (within the reiki scan) and then a virtual aura scan and massage. During the scan, dark, stuck energy is removed and replaced with healing light and reiki symbols. For this session the client needs to be lying down in a comfortable, peaceful place.

$45.00/30 minutes Please pay with cash or venmo app: @Nancy-Telzerow

Distance Reiki: This is not a full Reiki session but instead, a dose of support for moments when you are under the weather, feeling stressed or just need a boost. It’s a quick shot in the arm filled with love, light and Reiki intentions from Nancy T. This can be for you or a loved one (with consent or guardians consent) or even your pet who is in need. After it’s sent, you receive a message letting you know what Nancy T found and what energy she replaced.

$11 (Per request) Please pay with cash or venmo app: @Nancy-Telzerow

Emotion Code: An energy healing modality that focuses on the removal of trapped emotions. This session can get quite personal, but the good news is, should you choose not to reveal your innermost emotions, we can still accomplish the release. It’s all up to you. We do this work together and as we uncover the trapped emotion and determine when they happened, you may tell me the story that goes with it or not. It’s all confidential. For this session you need to be in a quiet, private room where you are comfortable with water on hand to stay hydrated. After the session is completed, for 24–48 hours you may experience some of the trapped emotions as your body processes and releases the remainder of that energy.

30 minutes – $55.00, 60 minutes $125, 90 minutes $165 Please pay with cash or venmo app: @Nancy-Telzerow

Emotion Code, Chakras and Reiki: I refer to this as an overall tune up for your energy field. I usually work first with the Chakras, then do the Emotion code and finish up with the sweet energy of Reiki. It’s an energy restoration to your best self.

$175/hour, Please pay with cash or venmo app: @Nancy-Telzerow

The body code – a patented, revolutionary energy balancing system intended to help you uncover root causes of discomfort, sickness and suffering in body and spirit. Body code incorporates emotion code and overall balancing, resetting of all that happens internally. Nancy helps you identify the underlying causes of your physical or emotional concerns and then releases them in minutes, so you can start feeling like yourself again. There can be a period of 24-48 hours post session where you should drink water and may expect your body to process out the stuck energy that was released.

Body Code: $75.00/30 minutes, $145/hour Please pay with cash or venmo app: @Nancy-Telzerow

Elite Access: This includes: Prioritization in Nancy T’s schedule with your choice of up to four 1 hour sessions or up to 8 small (15-20 minutes) sessions including: Chakras, Distance Reiki, Intuitive guidance, focused emotion code (specific situation), or whatever you feel you need virtually. The Elite package comes in handy when you know you’re going to be going through it, as they say, consider it a gift to yourself because you are the best investment out there!

Elite Access: $350/month, $1950/6 months, $2400/1 year Please pay with cash or venmo app: @Nancy-Telzerow